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Thanks so much for taking the time to investigate Fishin' Secrets! It is a concept that is a long time coming. Whether you are a good ol' boy from the south, or a hard core fly angler from the Rockies, we hope this will become your favorite fishing website. We truly welcome your input... your fishing advice... your fishing pictures... your fishing articles... whatever you might like to contribute to make this the most wonderful place a fisherman can find to spend a little time... other than that favorite fishing hole. The goal is to help everybody enjoy fishing and the outdoors as much as we do. Thanks, again, for coming to visit us.

Please take the time to thoroughly investigate our'll be glad you did!

It is loaded with pictures of nice fish of just about any freshwater species you can imagine...from cutthroat trout to carp, from wipers to bluegill. You'll find great advice to help you catch fish just like these. If you are more interested in salt water, check out some of the outstanding photos from our group!

Some pages are very serious, while others are there just to make you laugh. We have pages dedicated to kids fishing, and others for women anglers. We have pages for people who prefer to fish in lakes and ponds, and another for those who like to walk the bank of a river or stream. There are pages targeting fishing from boats, inflatable craft, and float tubes. Fly fishermen have their own pages. Same for ice anglers. How about a page that tells stories about fishing with man's best friend...his dog. You'll see pages for warmwater fishing, and others for coldwater...pages for fishing in the high country, and some dedicated to camping while fishing.

We talk about fishing etiquette, and allow you to let out your frustrations on our "Schmuck of the Day" pages. There are pages for tall tales, for funny stories, and some for scary stuff you talk about 'round the campfire. Lure fishermen have their own pages, as do those who prefer to use bait. We even have pages for "Making Your Own Fishing Gear".

Fishing links you will find on the main site are very cool, and worth your time to check out. We do have a basic link exchange on the back side, so if you are interested in reciprocal links just get in touch.

And finally...Probably our most popular feature is Fishin' Secrets Forum, which is limited to only a small group of very serious anglers. If you would enjoy being a part of a fishing forum that is dedicated to helping others improve their skills and helping beginners on fly fishing, we'd like to hear from you.

So have fun looking through Fishin' Secrets! We're serious when we say that you who take part in our site are what make it so great...we truly would love to have your fishing pictures, fishing articles, fishing advice, or whatever to be included on this site. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have comments or suggestions. Thanks, again for visiting Fishin' Secrets!

If you see pictures anywhere on this website that intrigue you, just go to the NEW FISHIN' SECRETS FORUM to get all the particulars about how the fish were caught!

The New Fishin' Secrets Forum is limited to a small number of anglers who treasure our sport and the friendships that are fostered by spending the day on the water with other members.

You will find that no drama or disrespect is allowed... only friends talking fishing from freshwater to salt from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans... from Alaska to south of the US border!

Although we all have favorite methods of catching fish, from fly fishing to tossing crankbaits, from jigging to dunking worms, nobody will challenge your choice, and all techniques are shown respect on

If you would enjoy making friends and talking fishing... and learning how to catch more and bigger fish, come join us today!
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